Lawson Commons

Lawson Commons is a premier building in the heart of St. Paul’s central business district. Lawson Commons is a 13 story property that includes a portion of the St. Paul skyway. This building has been certified LEED by the US Green Council and holds an ENERGY STAR rating from the US EPA for being environmentally… Read more »

Soo Line Apartments

The historical Soo Line building downtown Minneapolis consists of multiple roofing assemblies. The existing penthouses, new club house, new pool house and amenities link all have fully adhered EPDM systems.  The 4th floor skylight consists of fully adhered TPO.  The upper roof level consists of a hot fluid applied water proofing with an elaborate paver-plaza… Read more »

Interchange Roof

This new roof utilized an EPDM roofing system. This particular EPDM roof utilizes a system of single-ply roof membrane material that has been affixed to an approved substrate, providing a flexible and durable roofing surface.