As a building owner, you want to know how to avoid leaks and how to extend the life of your roof. “Roof maintenance” should happen when existing critical defects could lead to an immediate threat to your building interior, such as water damage. By proactively performing maintenance on your roof you are managing your roof as an “asset”; preventing potential problems that can turn into critical defects and possible water intrusion.

B. L. Dalsin offers a Maintenance Program custom tailored for your roof and will be implemented by our trained and qualified service technicians. 

Our proactive four-step program is performed on a scheduled basis deemed necessary according to our region’s environmental stresses and include:

Roof Inspection
 A visual survey of the exterior condition of your roof system and related sheet metal work. We look for deterioration or damage that has occurred between your service visits and will document conditions to monitor during future service visits.

General Upkeep
We clear debris from the roof surface, gutters, interior drains and through-wall scuppers. Debris can cause water to pond, which causes premature aging of the roof and could cause significant damage to the roof system.

Maintenance services can include replacing deteriorated sealant on metal flashings, refilling pitch pans, re-sealing suspect flashing at equipment curbs and perimeters, and securing drain clamps and rain collars at pipe penetrations.

We provide you with an outline of work performed and a condition assessment, including updated roof drawings and work related photographs.  In addition, we will help you by giving you budget numbers for the current and upcoming years based on our findings.

Performing regular maintenance protects your roofing investment.   We’ll track the inspections, the findings, and remind you each year that it is time to inspect your asset again.

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