From our people to our materials, we manage your project to excellence.

We specialize in the installation of flat roof systems and custom fabricated sheet metal for commercial, industrial and institutional buildings. As one of the oldest and largest Twin Cities roofing companies, we have proven experience in projects of all sizes.

We work with, and hire conscientious and professional people. Our highly qualified roofing and sheet metal craftsmen, and support staff ensures that each project is carried out with attention to quality workmanship, respect for the job site and its occupants, and efficiency.

Commercial Roofing

We work closely with architects, engineers and general contractors to install the specified roof at the lowest possible price.  And we are always available to assist building owners as they sort through the various choices available in roofing systems today.  In either case, we will deliver a customized roofing system for each customer’s unique building.

Roof Repairs & Retrofits

Our Roof Management personnel and Roof Service Technicians are experts at locating leaks and problems areas on all roof systems.  We have a prompt response to your call and are available 24/7 to keep buildings watertight.  We offer a wide range of repair options, from temporary repairs, to permanent fixes and preventive maintenance.  We work with all trades involved in rooftop equipment installations and retrofits to assure that the integrity of the waterproofing remains intact during construction.

Sheet Metal

Our in-house sheet metal shop assures that there will be no delays or lost time getting your project completed.  We custom measure and fabricate coping, fascia, counter-flashing and more, using only the finest quality sheet metals on our state of the art computer aided fabrication equipment.

Disaster Response

No one can afford to have their building unprotected when disaster strikes. Disasters in our area can be tornadoes, straight line winds, torrential rains, hail, heavy snow and ice, or even fire.  When this happens we offer a team ready to dispatch the trained manpower, equipment, materials and other support needed to get your building covered and get you back in business quickly, whether it happens at 2 in the afternoon or 2 in the morning!

We Have the Experience You Need

Do you have a roofing project? Don’t hesitate to call us or message us directly.