Snowflakes and Tears for 2020 ❄😰 Winter Comes Early

Winter is here early — but you still have time to prepare.  Schedule Your Roof Repairs Today.

BL Dalsin Roofing October 2020

There is a week long chance for precipitation & accumulating snow with the potential for a winter storm.  We live in one of the coldest & snowiest cities in the US where roofs can act like boats & when snow melts you definitely need your roof to be leak free. Be sure to schedule your maintenance or repairs today!

Call BL Dalsin Roofing today to schedule repairs, or get a quote for repairs at 952-881- ROOF.  Our trained roof technicians will look at places where leaks commonly occur such as roof penetrations, parapets, drains, caulk joints, HVAC units, chimneys, skylights, etc.

Snow Removal * Ice Dam Steaming * Gutters & Downspouts
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