Comprehensive Plan, We Chose The Right Company

Richard C. Lueck, CEO, Industrial Tool, Inc.

We chose BL Dalsin Roofing based upon confidence to get a quality job done without future issues and had confidence they would stand behind their work the best of anyone providing a quote.

Once we chose BL Dalsin Roofing to do the work, they put together a detailed comprehensive plan and reviewed it with us always looking to minimize our business disruption. The one variable we fully understood that was outside of their control was ‘the weather’. The weather did cause for some delays, but no other problems. They were constantly looking ahead at the weather and planned their work accordingly. It took a few days longer than planned to complete the work, but all of the delays were due to weather and they did all the appropriate temporary action to ensure we did not have business interruptions or damage during their replacement work.

We had daily reports from them to keep us informed of their progress. Communications was exceptional throughout the process! We had a couple of issues generally due to the age of the building (current codes would have prevented), and BL Dalsin Roofing could not have been more responsive. They kept any chance of business inconvenience or disruption to a minimum.

Without hesitation I would clearly choose BL Dalsin Roofing to do our work again and feel very confident that we chose the right company to do this work. They kept the work site clean and tidy, although it was necessary to have more equipment around to get the work done. They immediately went around daily and when complete to ensure no trash or debris had blown around.

I would give them a strong recommendation based upon the work they did for our company. We are a delighted customer.

Richard C. Lueck, CEO, Industrial Tool, Inc.

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