Excellent Workmanship

Mitch Osterholt, Vice-President, Frana Companies

On behalf of Frana Companies, I’d like to congratulate your entire team for doing such a great job for us on the St. Paul Custom House project. As you know, this 17-story historic building has a proud past serving for decades as the downtown St. Paul post office and Custom House. The multiple levels of roof, lack of staging areas, coordination and the aggressive construction schedule made this a most challenging project. Renovating the building into modern apartments, complete with the new amenities required for such a project, required subcontractors who not only understood the issues facing our superintendents but who also offered solutions to unforeseen issues as they arose. What began as one of our most demanding projects became one of our most successful ones.

Your team delivered a high level of professionalism and quality workmanship to the project that is much appreciated. As a General Contractor, I understand the importance of pre-planing for success before stepping onto the site. Please thank Don House for his help during the estimating phase of the project and for preparing your team for a smooth and productive effort throughout the reroofing process. The daily communication between our superintendents was a great aid to production and your crews provided excellent workmanship. We know who to turn to on difficult and unusual projects!

Mitch Osterholt, Vice-President, Frana Companies

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